Lois Walpole : Artist’s talk

Thursday 15 Feb

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Lois Walpole : Weaving Ghosts gallery talk

Artist Lois Walpole will talk about her current exhibition and previous work.

”The relationship of basketry to the ecological, physical and social environments in which it is made has always been fundamental to the craft. Changes in these environments over the last hundred years have, however, had a devastating effect on basketry and basket making in the so called ‘developed’ regions of the world with the Scottish Islands providing particularly salutory examples of the loss of skills and basketry knowledge. In my work I seek out the positive aspects of these changes to demonstrate that it is possible to develop new forms and uses for the craft and at the same time preserve these precious skills for future generations to use in whatever way they wish.

Negativity serves no useful purpose in this instance, I want the people who see my work to smile”.