LITREACHAS NA TÌRE: The Gaelic Landscape

Sat 28 October

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LITREACHAS NA TÌRE: The Gaelic Landscape in Literature

Travel in your mind to Duncan Bàn Macintyre’s Beinn Dòbhrain, Sorley Maclean’s Hallaig and the Caithness and Sutherland of Neil Gunn.  Photographs, maps and place-names immerse us in the landscapes which songs, poems and tales have described over the ages.  With John Murray.

John Murray is a former Director of Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh University his first book Reading the Gaelic Landscape was published in 2014.

This event can be purchased separately for £6/£5, but is also included in the CÀNAN AODAINN: LANGUAGE OF EDEN package (3 events – 1 ticket – £10).