Let’s Talk – A series of talks on mental health


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A series of talks on mental health and other social issues which affect our community. Let’s change the conversation. #IgniteChange


18.00, Lily Asch – Real Talk

Real Talk is a social enterprise dedicated to mental health storytelling. Our vision is a world that celebrates transparency and authenticity around experiences of mental ill health and our mission is to use the power of storytelling to empower personal narratives. We will collaborate with Las/Ignite during their festival in order to explore what experiences of mental illness look like in a young person but also how these experiences can be transformed to make a meaningful contribution to reducing stigma and empowering personal narratives. We aim to explore how storytelling can be a powerful tool for wellbeing and what creating healing community around mental ill health looks like.

18.45, Calum Tyler

Calum grew up and went to school in Uig on the Isle of Lewis.  As a member of Board not Bored and has volunteered his to help organise the Las/Ignite festival.  Now, he wants to share his story.

19.00, Being Heather – ‘Self-love, Self-Care and Self-Compassion’

Heather Baillie, who runs her own business called Being Heather, offers spiritual coaching and holistic healing on the island through various disciplines including mindfulness, meditation, Reiki and Shamanism.

19.45, Danni Gordon – The Chachi Power Project

Danni is a passionate and creative Body Positive Advocate who is here to remind every body that they are beautiful. She created the  Chachi Power Project  in January 2017 on a mission to improve everyone’s body confidence through interactive workshops, talks, events and retreats.  Her work concentrates on creating a supportive community to help people feel comfortable to share stories, learn more about and discuss aspects of body image. Tackling issues which can affect individuals as well as society.  With her background in the creative industries she is never far from incorporating art and design into her fun and friendly workshops.  She is a major supporter of the  Body Positive Movement  which  encourages everyone to fully respect and accept all body types regardless of age, race, gender, ability, size, shape or health status.