Cuimhne / Memory – Land of Songs

Tue 24 April

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Inspired by their grandmother’s vivid accounts of her WWII-era childhood, first-time sibling filmmakers Aldona (director) and Julian Watts (cinematographer) travel to Lithuania with family. They arrive in Dainava, a region known as the ‘Land of Songs,’ where they meet a sprightly group of women who have kept their village’s ancient folk-singing tradition vibrant and essential through decades of war, occupation, and youth flight. When the filmmakers return years later, only five of the grandmothers are still alive. Land of Songs is a tender, poetic record of the lives of these remarkable women and an eloquent testament to heritage—and to the universal language of folk music.  Land of Songs premiered in 2015 at the Vilnius International Film Festival in Lithuania, and at the Margaret Mead Film Festival at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.