Purvai: Indian Cinema Night Double bill

Sat 18 Aug

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Call: 01851 708 480

Join us for an informal evening of classic and contemporary Indian cinema, a feast for the eyes and a real treat for international cinema lovers. The auditorium will be cabaret-style with a range of Indian street food and snacks available throughout the movies.

The first screening will be a contemporary Indian film set in New Delhi following a rickshaw driver while he tries to decide whether to keep a millionaire’s inheritance or to do the right thing – a tale of humility and humanity juxtaposed with greed.

We will end the evening with a classic Indian film set in beautiful and historic Lucknow, telling the story of a courtesan’s rise to fame. This is a stunningly beautiful classic movie with dazzling dance sequences – a treat for any dance enthusiasts.

**As this is a free event, licensing laws prohibit us from sharing the titles of the films. The runs times are 1hr, 41mins and 2hrs 41mins – please remember these are classic Indian films which traditionally have a long run time.

If you would like more information on the films please email kathryn@lanntair.com