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In Our Hands: Food and farming is in crisis. In just over a decade we’ve lost more than 33,000 farms from our countryside, and alongside this, bad diet is now causing more health problems than smoking! The fundamental link between people, food and the very land we stand on is being broken. Yet it need not be this way.

There is a growing movement of farmers and food workers who are creating vibrant farms, living soils, thriving food markets and a fairer food system for all. At the heart of all change lies a story, and In Our Hands is the story of a new kind of farm, a new kind of food and a new kind of society. This film has been created as an open source tool in order to debunk the myth of the industrial food system, and be a resource for farmers and activists in building a better world.

+ STORNOWAY GROWERS will be selling their produce at their market stall outside An Lanntair on Saturday morning from 9am.

Screened with The Black Isle: A documentary exploring local food production on the Black Isle in the Highlands, near Inverness. Zev Robinson is a Canadian-British artist and filmmaker and has been making films about food and sustainability since 2008 as part of his art,
film and food project “The Art and Politics of Eating”

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Please note: this film does not yet have a British Film Rating, please be advised that content may not be suitable for children. HiFF has given this film a rating of PG.