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Sat 22 Sept

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Dir. Bragi Thor Hinriksson, Iceland, 1 hr 30 mins, 2018, Icelandic with English Subtitles

Every year, on a large island just outside of Iceland, there is a huge football tournament for kids. This year ten-year-old Jon goes with his team to compete and will have to grow up faster than he expected, both on and off the pitch.

Screened with Bog Hole
Dir. Torfinn Iversen, Norway, 13 mins, 2018, Drama, Norwegian with English Subtitles

Two young girls have to put their difficulties on hold when one of them get stuck in a bog hole. The beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Jenny accompanies her friend Ingrid and her father on a camping trip. The Norwegian wilderness is notorious for its areas of treacherous swamp land, something that it´s best to avoid. When the only adult has to go back to the car to retrieve the forgotten tent poles, the two girls are left alone, with only each other and the wilderness.

Thanks to Norwegian Film Institute

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Please note: this film does not yet have a British Film Rating, please be advised that content may not be suitable for children. HiFF has given this film a rating of PG.