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Something strange is going off Prince Edward Island, Canada. Why are normally fearful giant bluefin not scared of humans anymore? Why are they swarming fishing boats, desperately seeking to be hand-fed? Are these “endangered” tuna stocks rebuilt as the fishermen claim? Or are we actually hunting down the last of them like the buffalo as scientists claim? Bluefin will change everything you thought you knew about tuna and sushi inside out. Is it time that we learned to love these giant and relentlessly hunted bluefin as extraordinary “wildlife,” like we do for whales, dolphins and panda bears? Bluefin, an acclaimed documentary, offers us something new to learn about how the way we are socialized and our ways of thinking directly conflicts with the sustainability of oceans and its wildlife, through the example of the extraordinary giant bluefin found in the waters off North Lake, PEI “The Tuna Capital of the World.”

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Please note: this film does not yet have a British Film Rating, please be advised that content may not be suitable for children. HiFF has given this film a rating of 12A.