Faclan Òga : Linda Macleod (P1 – 3 Gaelic)

Friday 3rd November

Leugh is Seinn le Linda

Book event for P1-3 Gaelic

Join us for a fun-filled Gaelic reading session with stories, songs and puppets for early-years pupils with Linda MacLeod.  Linda will be reading ‘Montaidh agus Mìlsean’, a hilarious adventure about Monty the mischievous dalmation and his friends on Cherry Tree Farm. Monty and the other animals are going on a picnic and Monty wants to take some unusual foods along…but he’d rather leave the farmer’s new puppy behind!

Contact Moira Macdonald on moira@lanntair.com to book.

Supported by Comhairle nan Leabhraichean