Cult Classic Night: Easy Rider

Fri 27 Sept

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This special screening is in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the cult classic and to commemorate the unfortunate recent passing of Peter Fonda.

Wyatt (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper), two Harley-riding hippies, complete a drug deal in Southern California and decide to travel cross-country in search of spiritual truth.

On their journey, they experience bigotry and hatred from the inhabitants of small-town America and also meet with other travelers seeking alternative lifestyles. After a terrifying drug experience in New Orleans, the two travelers wonder if they will ever find a way to live peacefully in America.

Dennis Hopper & Charles Kiselyak / USA 1969 / 1h32m / 18
Cast: Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, Karen Black, Toni Basil, Luke Askew, Antonio Mendoza, Phil Spector.