Millinery workshop with Jeanette Sendler

Thursday 29th and Friday 30th June 2017

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During this 2 day workshop you will learn to work with traditional milliner’s buckram which you will shape on wooden biscuit or doughnut blocks. These shapes can be sculpted and wired, and covered with tweed or an evening fabric of your choice. You will then line and trim the hat to suit. These hats are suitable for all sorts of special occasions such as theatre visits, church, weddings, or the all important high tea! Suitable equally for designers or fashion students to complement an existing tweed collection or for the individual woman, looking for a stylish accessory.

You are welcome to bring a tweed of your choice to work with, select from the glamorous evening palette of fabrics which we will bring with us from our millinery studio.

Jeanette Sendler is a hat maker, costume designer and fibre artist. Her interest in costume design developed into performance art featuring large-scale installations, rendered in knit/felt or paper. She worked in the costume departments of various theatres, including Comic Opera, Berlin and co-founded Metacorpus, a company that aimed to increase the appreciation of costume art through performance art productions. She has been involved in numerous textile residencies, working with remote Scottish communities. Her most recent was in Fife, where she has established a Textile Centre, as well as a Millinery Studio in the city of Perth. Her work is rooted in narrative and the more intimate aspects of the social history around her. She is constantly rescuing and re-inventing textiles, memories and fragments from the past.