Creative Industries Symposium

Sat 20 Oct

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Live talks, big names, industry professionals, Q and As, panel discussion and films.

We are hosting a Symposium featuring talented artists and professionals from across the creative sector from near and far. There will be something for everyone from makeup to gaming and technology. Come along and learn from their success stories. Rounding off the day will be a discussion panel debating the pros and cons of island life, entitled ‘I’m an Islander, Get Me Out of Here!’


· Jordane Symington- Local artist Jordane, created the jewellery company Islewear in 2016 and her brand which draws upon the island landscape for inspiration has grown in popularity ever since.

· Rachel Mackay – As a young islander, Rachel has been working in Gaelic media and TV production for the past five years.

· Julie Kennedy – Julie Kennedy has been featured on BBC and the Social as a young, up and coming game designer working for Minecraft in Dundee.

· David Culbert – Help Musicians UK. Help Musicians UK is the leading UK charity for professional musicians of all genres, from starting out through to retirement.

· ‘Muir is Tir’ Residency – sponsored artist