Creating a personal Narrative : screen printing and embroidery with Jen Deschenes

Thursday 25th and Friday 26th of May 2017

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Inspired by Jen Deschenes artwork ‘Sixareens’, in this workshop Jen will show you how to tell stories through imagery.  Bring with you a ‘story’, – a family tale, a piece of local folklore or history or perhaps a verse from a poem or book.  You will explore how to create an ‘illustration’ to tell your story, by looking at how to create a multi layer screen print which can then be embellished with embroidery if you wish.  Each person will leave with their own hand screen printed and embroidered image on arches paper which narrates a personal story.

Highland and Island based craft makers can apply for a free place on this workshop

Jennifer Deschenes is an artist specialising mainly in hand screen printing and embroidery techniques.Her work always has a narrative at its core and is steeped in Shetland and personal family traditions. This history is realised in making things that tell those stories. The entire body of her work is in the re-creation of intimate and nostalgic objects. Her work also illustrates and realises a contemporary personal story and a strong desire to promote and carry on into the future the ways of the past.