Purvai: Collector Extraordinaire

Fri 11 Aug- Fri 18 Nov

Collector Extraordinaire – The Mackenzie Collection Exhibition.

11th August 2017 will see the mounting and opening in Stornoway at the Lews Castle Museum and Archive the town of Colin Mackenzie’s birth the first ever exclusively Mackenzie Collection exhibition.

Curated from items on loan from the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Library, the exhibition will mark the first occasion material from the collection has been displayed outside of London. Bringing to our local audience and visitors an exhibition of material from a rich and renowned collection of South Asian arts, which, quite astonishingly, is firmly part of the history and heritage of the Outer Hebrides. Given the significance of the Mackenzie collection we also anticipate drawing a wide national and international audience to this exhibition. Indeed, the exhibition will be a momentous occasion for this 200 year old collection.