Celtic Dance and Cèilidh

Wed 28 Feb

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Lynn Maclean School of Dance – Highland and Ballet pupils performing Dance Routines to Celtic Music. The Lynn Maclean Dancers performed choreographed dance routines as part of the Hebridean Celtic Festival, come along and see these talented dancers performing new and past routines as part of a fund-raising charity event, CELTIC DANCE AND CEILIDH.

Joining the dancers at our evening of live music, song and dance are local artists such as the very talented MC Tom Maciver, guests Anna Murray, accompanied by Alex Tearse, Ronnie Murray, The Lochs Gaelic Choir, Margaret Aksu, Katy Graham, Murdigan Macdonald, Euan Morrison, Cath and Alan Fish, Louisa Maclean Barron, Eleanor and Spanish, piper Larry Ferguson, DB & Isles Ceilidh Band and Step Dancer Jayne Macleod.