Bespoke Bag Design evening class

Thursdays from 27th April - 1st June (6 weeks)

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Call: 01851 708 480

Over 6 weeks, Catherine Myles of ‘Stornoway Vintage’ will lead you through designing and creating a bespoke bag.  Starting with a design and planning session you will consider the elements of the bag you wish to make.  You will create a mood board containing details of fabric, finishing and flourishes and choose the shape, closure, pockets and style of your bag.  You can choose to draft a basic pattern or freehand cut as you go.  The course allows you to make a bag that suits your own level of skill and you will leave with a bag that is unique to you.

Catherine will give advice about using a variety of materials, including leather, along with hardware such as rivets, D-rings and zippers.  You can make a unique and personal bag using a variety of materials, perhaps salvaging items from old bags or accessories and bringing along fabrics that have special meaning and memories for you.

You will need a sewing machine, along with a basic sewing kit and your own fabrics.