Band Practice

Mondays 29 Oct - 17 Dec (except 26 Nov)

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Call: 01851 708 480

Are you a young musician that can play a bit of guitar/bass/drums/keyboard/sing and want to play the music you like with other people?  Do you want to start a band, but not sure how, or think you need a bit of help getting started?   Or maybe you just don’t know other musicians to play with?  If that sounds like you, Band Practice is here to help!

Each week we’ll set up some instruments and you can come in and make some noise with some help and guidance from Music Producer Pete Fletcher.   You’ll learn to improvise together, how to listen to each other and communicate effectively, and how to write and structure your own songs.  It will give you a taste of being in a band and get you started making music of your own.

You’ll need to be able to play an instrument a bit to join, but you don’t have to be amazing.  If you can play a few chords on guitar and maybe know song or two, or if you can play a few beats on the drums, you’ll be fine.  If you are amazing, that’s great too!  The important thing is that it’s something you really enjoy doing, and you want to make some noise!

You will get some individual instrument tuition at Band Practice, but it’s more about playing as a group, experimenting and creating you own unique songs

Age group: 13 – 18