HIFF – Ashore & Chacra

Fri 21 Sept

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Dir. Leonor Teles, Portugal, 1 hr 20 mins, 2018, Portugese with English Subtitles

Ashore portrays the life of a singular fisherman in an ancient riverfront community near Lisbon. Divided between the quiet solitude of the river and the family ties that wash him ashore, the film follows Albertino Lobo, as nature renews itself with each season cycle.

Dir. Mike Webster, UK, 12 mins, 2017, English

Non-Narrative short Documentary exploring rural cultures in the Peruvian Amazon.

Expedition organised by: Ninth Wave Global Project supported by : Visual Artist & Craft Maker Award: Highland & Eden Court Creative

Please note: these films does not yet have a British Film Rating, please be advised that content may not be suitable for children. HiFF has given this film a rating of 12A.