Artist Support : Getting Artists Online

Mondays 24th April – 15th May (4 weeks),

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As part of An Lanntair’s ongoing Artist Support scheme we will be launching a series of four evening classes which will each focus on one aspect of how to sell and promote your work.  Artists and makers often struggle with what to do with their work after making it, with promotion, selling, and supporting their practice becoming increasingly difficult especially less central locations such as the Outer Hebrides.

That is why we are here to help, and will be giving sessions on how to get started online. This course will show how to create a website for your work, how to do it on a budget, and then how to promote your practice via social media. Have you for example ever wanted to know how to use Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to promote what you do? ever wondered what on earth hashtags are, or why they may be useful? well this course will show you how to build social media usage into your daily routine.

The course will also look at funding, from finding out what is available to you as an individual, what you are entitled to apply for, and how to write a successful application.

Course Structure:

Week One – Websites for artists

Week Two – Social Media for Artists

Week Three – Grants and Funding for Artists

Week Four – Supporting a long term practice – printing, galleries, residencies and commissions.


The course will be delivered by artist Alex Boyd, who has been the recipient of several awards such as The Dewar Award, A Winston Churchill Fellowship, multiple Arts Fund for Scotland Awards, Creative Scotland commissions, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Ballinglen Arts Foundation with work in national collections on both side of the Atlantic.