Art & Robotics with Chris Macleod

Mon 15 - Fri 19th Oct

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Call: 01851 708 480

Programmer and engineer Christopher Macleod and An Lanntair will be working with a group of young people to create an interactive, computer driven piece of artwork over a series of 5 workshops. The young people will be learning programming and working with electronic sensors and motors to devise and construct a piece of artwork that people can interact with at An Lanntair during the festival.

Chris Macleod says: ‘We’ll be using the Arduino to create an art piece. The Arduino is a type of very small computer, which can detect things in the environment (like touch, light, heat or movement) and then process this and control things (like lights, displays or motors). Because of this, it’s ideal for creating interesting work which can be interactive, kinetic and/or dynamic. Its use also gains the participants knowledge in computer coding, technology and its uses.’

This workshop is recommended for 11 years and over.