Argentine Tango

Tuesdays 8 May - 12 June (6 weeks)

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Argentine Tango with Louise Davidson

Argentine Tango is a universal dance of connection, playfulness, improvisation and inclusivity.  There are many health benefits to this dance form and there is a vibrant Tango scene worldwide, reaching almost every major city.  A little basic knowledge of the fundamentals opens up a whole world of friendly Tango communities wherever you go.

In this 6 week course we will look at the fundamental dance styles, primarily; Classic Tango; Tango Waltz; Milonga and Tango Nuevo.

You will learn the differences between these aspects of Tango through movement and music so you will know what dance goes with which music, Tango etiquette, connection and much more.

This class will be held in the Dance Studio, Ionad Spòrs Leòdhais / Lewis Sports Centre, Springfield Road, Stornoway