As part of the Year of Young People, An Lanntair has received funding from EventScotland, part of VisitScotland’s Events Directorate , to hand over the venue to young people to deliver their very own arts festival called Las! / Ignite!

The Las! / Ignite! Festival will take place over a week during October Half Term 2018. It promises to be a truly innovative event to celebrate and promote the creative talent of young people from the Outer Hebrides, leading to real and tangible outcomes for their future careers and enterprise.

Over the course of the festival, young people will be given the ‘reins’ of An Lanntair and will have complete control over the programming of the organisation.

Young people themselves will programme An Lanntair’s auditorium with gigs, films, theatre and cabaret events. They will curate exhibitions for the main gallery, bar and mezzanine exhibition spaces, and they will be responsible for everything else, from marketing, to design, promotion and stewarding. In addition, a Creative Industries Symposium will be staged during the festival, supporting young people with learning how to access and grow successful careers in the arts and creative industries, including the film industry, music, theatre, digital media, visual arts and more.

Central to the project is the An Lanntair youth board (Board not Bored). Board not Bored will be a group made up of young people under 26 who will steer the direction of the project. They will be responsible for interviewing and appointing a young person as Festival Coordinator (also under 26) and actively researching and shaping the programme. Through the Festival Coordinator and the new board, An Lanntair will support local young people to come together in a project team to deliver the festival, taking on real-time roles such as director, curator, marketing coordinator and fundraiser.

For more information on how you can take part please contact