Oir na Sùil; Edge of Sight: Margaret Uttley & David Knight

2 June – 7 July

Paintings and drawings that frame and celebrate the dramatic promontory and vertical cliffs of Gallan Head and the Valtos peninsula. Dominated by the Atlantic Ocean and vast open skies, it is a place of uninterrupted space. Figurative and abstract, the work engages with scale, synergy and surveillance aspects of this charged environment, while lyrically combining atmospheric elements; weather, sea, sky, movement, colour, landscape, structures, rhythms and surface textures.

The sense of drama and mystery is coloured by its past history as an MOD base, while plans for a Cetus Project to build an astronomical Observatory point to an alternative, intriguing future.

Join Margaret Uttley and David Knight for a Drawing and Painting workshop in Gallan Head on Thursday 31 May 

Or for their pre-opening Artist talk on Friday 1 June at 4pm

Cafe Bar Exhibition

Elaine Murray 24 May – 30 June

Elaine Murray is a multi – disciplined artist from the Isle of Lewis, where she is currently based?

Fueled by her curiosity for extraordinary places, such as Iceland and St Kilda, Elaine’s research explores the intersection between fragility and power within shifting weather patterns upon remote environments that are relentlessly shaped, dominated and often isolated by the elements.

Elaine continuously seeks to unravel these connections and experiences, interrogating our relationship with the surrounding environment both on land and on sea.

All the works are for sale along with a range of prints.

Work by Elaine Murray