Freumhan Breac: Speckled Roots by Anna Macleod

Main Gallery
10 June – 16 July

This exhibition is dedicated Anna Macleod’s father Donald Iain Macleod.
A combination of wall drawings, photographs and sculptures informed by the land and seascapes of Uig. The artist spent 4 months in Uig over a two year period observing the dynamics of a land shaped by the elemental forces of time and water, where the relationship between human material culture and nature is imprinted on the topography of the land. Freumhan Breac: Speckled Roots draws on heritage farming practices including súgán (rope making), straw craft, comharradh (sheep ear-marks) and weaving combined with mythological belief systems to chart the cyclical time of nature and celebrate the resilience of humans in a rural island landscape.

Anna Macleod is an independent visual artist and researcher based in the Northwest of Ireland. She is a former Lecturer and Programme Chair of the Fine Art programme at TU Dublin and is Chair of the Board of Trustees, Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Ireland.

Image credit: –
Anna Macleod. Behold the Wind 2020. Hazel, Harris tweed threads. 2022.


Taisbeanadh Fiadh-bheatha nan Eilean: Outer Hebrides Wildlife Exhibition

Cafè Bar Gallery
15 June – 9 July

As part of the Outer Hebrides Wildlife Festival, RSPB Outer Hebrides have asked local artists and photographers to showcase artwork based on the local wildlife of the islands. Through art and photography, we can get a glimpse of the identifying features of the birds and wildlife that live around us and a chance to think about how wonderful and magnificent they are, one of the reasons the Outer Hebrides Wildlife Festival was established.

Exhibiting are Ralph Tonge, Sharon MacPherson, Bill Neill, Margaret Maclean and Shona MacLellan.



Mezzanine Gallery
13 June – 15 July

Underexposed is a participatory arts photographic exhibition that is the the culmination of photographic workshops led by artist Mark Jones.

Mark worked with users of Catch 23 (WIAMH) to create captivating self portrait images using a large format camera.  The exhibition is part of the Culture Collective, a community-focused initiative supported by funding from Creative Scotland’s Culture Collective Fund and one of six commissions  supported by the fund here on Lewis and Harris.