Our new artists support scheme is for all island artists working in any discipline. Outlined below are the main priorities for the programme.

One to one support which is a longer term relationship- an experienced mentor works with a less experienced mentee to help them develop their work and professional career. A mentor will help set goals and provide guidance. Examples of the support would be a review of the artists work to date; evaluation of the artists marketing and online presence, with guidance on how to progress; help with making proposals and applying for funding

One-to-one short term or one off support designed to address specific issues- An artist who wants to change direction and work with different media. An artist who wants to learn about public speaking and how to communicate their ideas effectively, help with change such as developing good working habits. The coach does not necessarily have to be older or more experienced, or be working in the same discipline as the artist seeking support.

An Lanntair encourages the speaking of our islands native language whenever possible, and Gaelic speaking artists of all disciplines will be supported in the use of their language

The artists support programme will seek out suitable opportunities for island artists to showcase their work, develop new bodies of work, and will seek to create projects in collaboration with artists

Interaction and connectivity
Opportunities for sharing work and collaboration. Information will be available through An Lanntairs website and mailing list. As the programme develops an artists blog for exchanging ideas and for practical issues in sustaining your art practice will be posted. We would hope for artists to contribute to this resource and make it their information hub.

Workshops for skills development, experimentation, training in specific processes or technologies. These can be led by artists who if needed can be given coaching in how to plan and deliver workshops
Inspiration and Motivating events
We aim to grow a supportive community where we can share work and ideas. This can be realised through events where we show/ perform our work and test ideas in a safe place where feedback and encouragement can be given. These events might be cross disciplinary or have a focus on a particular art practice.

The practicalities of making art will be foremost in the goals of the programme and it is a long term goal to help artists to find work, venue, exhibition, and rehearsal space.

There will be opportunities to work on special projects, these may be on a particular theme, or focus on particular elements of our culture and community. Artists will be encouraged to work together and make work with a particular focus

To find out more about how the scheme could help you please email sandra.kennedy@lanntair.com to learn more.