Check this page for opportunities to work with us, volunteer with us, and submit proposals to our arts programme. 

Job Opportunities


Arts Workers

An Lanntair wish to appoint Arts Workers to deliver creative sessions with  children and families.  The posts are funded through the Aspiring Communities Fund with support from the European Social Fund for a 2 year period.   The project will support families to access the arts and to be creative.  It will further An Lanntair’s aims to tackle major barriers to community participation for the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups in our islands.

Successful candidates will have wide experience of delivering cross art-form Creative Learning.  You will have a degree or significant level of achievement in your chosen art form.  You will be self-motivated, and capable of adapting multi art-form activities to make them accessible for the people you are working with.

Arts Worker : children and families – 2 p/t posts

Projects will include delivering multi art-form sessions in community venues in Lewis and Harris, working with partner organisations and devising inspiring arts events.

Hours of work: 14 hours / week

Rate of pay: £12 / hour

Location: An Lanntair, Stornoway and community venues throughout Lewis and Harris.

Contract: Fixed term until 31st March 2022.  Start date unknown at present.

Arts Worker children + families Job description and Person Spec

Application by CV and letter highlighting relevant experience to Moira Macdonald : by Monday 17th August, 9am


Call Out for Mentors and Mentees

An Lanntair’s Artist Support Programme is recruiting for mentors and mentees. The programme covers disciplines of design and art, including writing and performing arts. Please note that when the word ‘artist’ is used in the following information, this includes all creative disciplines.

About being a Mentee
Our Mentee programme is for people of all ages and backgrounds who are island based.

Designers and artists who want to be a Mentee must show evidence of their commitment to their art, and efforts to progress their career. To demonstrate this we ask that you produce examples of your work – this can be from the past, but it would be good to have examples that represent what you are trying to achieve now.

Clarify what you are aiming for in your work. What you want to achieve and in what timescale. For example: “I want guidance over the next 12 months to develop a series of short stories.”

Apply to be a Mentee
Please email with the following information:

  • A description of your art, and the work you are doing.
  • Your experience as an artist.
  • Tell us about your work and what your goals are.
  • Tell us why you want to be a Mentee, and what you hope to gain from the experience.

Please send up to 10 examples of your work, these should be sent as links or files.

If you need any help to prepare this material, please get in touch with Sandra Kennedy, our Artist Support Coordinator who will be very happy to help.

About being a Mentor
A Mentor should hold a degree or equivalent experience and have been working in their art form for a significant number of years.

Mentors should have completed a body of work for example: A solo exhibition, a recorded album, or have directed a film. If the Mentor is a designer they should have a track record of producing work for clients.

A strong desire to assist emerging artists or designers is essential, and will give you huge satisfaction when your mentees reach their milestones.

The rate of pay will be according to the industry standard for 2019 this is £35.65 per hour.

Apply to be a Mentor
If you are an experienced practitioner in your art form and wish to apply to be a Mentor please email Sandra Kennedy with the following information:

  • A description of your art form.
  • A summary of your professional experience, and why you would be a good Mentor.
  • Description of how you have helped emerging artists in the past, or your experience of formal mentoring.
  • It would be good to know whether you want training in any aspects of mentoring.

Please tell us anything else you think is relevant.

Volunteer with us
We are always happy to hear from people interested in volunteering with us.  Please contact our Head of Education and Outreach, Joe Mahony, if you are interested in volunteering in any area of our activities.

Visual Arts

An Lanntair’s exhibitions programme is a curated programme, led by our Head of Visual Arts and Literature, Roddy Murray. This means we actively research and select the artists and exhibitions that we feel contribute to the ethos and mission statement of the organisation and our programming principles.  We aim to programme exhibitions of national or international weight and complexity in the Main Gallery, and a celebration of local and emerging artists and the work from residencies and outreach programmes in the public spaces on the Mezzanine walkway and Café Bar areas.

The exhibitions programme is established up to three years in advance. Whilst the majority of our exhibitions develop from the above mentioned curatorial process, we are however always interested in receiving expressions of interest from individuals or agencies for exhibitions with us here at An Lanntair.

If you are interested in proposing an exhibition here at An Lanntair, we ask that you contact Roddy Murray, Head of Visual Arts and Literature  Roddy will then provide details on the process for submitting an expression of interest.

All proposals incoming to the visual arts team are reviewed three times a year and feedback is provided.

Performing Arts

An Lanntair’s Performing Arts Programme stretches across a diverse range of mediums and is led by our Head of Performing Arts and Cinema, Alex Macdonald.  At the heart of all our programming in the Performing Arts Programme there is a desire to present and promote Gaelic and traditional arts, whilst at the same time profiling the highest quality national and international acts for our audiences.   We programme everything from theatre, comedy, dance, music – traditional, classical, jazz and contemporary – and film in our multi-purpose auditorium here at An Lanntair.

The Performing Arts Programme is established up to two years in advance.  If you are interested in putting forward a proposal for our programme, we ask that you contact Alex Macdonald, our Head of Performing Arts and Cinema Alex will then provide you with details on the process for submitting a proposal.

All proposals incoming to the performing arts team are reviewed every six weeks.

Education and Outreach

An Lanntair has a diverse Education and Outreach Programme, working across the arts and with a plethora of groups; from pre-school to care homes for the elderly.  The education and outreach programme is led by our two Heads of Education and Outreach (job share), Moira Macdonald and Joe Mahony, and takes its inspiration from the visual arts, performing arts and literature programme on offer at An Lanntair.  The team develop projects and activities around the themes of the creative programme.  The team are also continuously consulting and researching audiences to support the programming process.  There are also special projects for which we have sought specific funding to develop new audiences.  For example, the most recent programme looking to build an arts-based dementia friendly community.

If you are interested in putting forward a proposal for our Education and Outreach programme or working with our team in any way, we ask that you contact Moira Macdonald, our Head of Education and Outreach Moira will then provide you with details on the process for doing this.